The current real estate Model in the US rewards the agent when they Sell You, place a property under contract and close the deal. This oftentimes leads to the consumer making a decision that may not be in their best financial interest.  Seaport is here to work in tandem with your agent to provide a level of information that will give you peace of mind. After all, buying and selling real estate is one of the most impactful financial decisions you will ever make. 

Step 1 - Determining if we are a fit

              1. Seller - Questionnaire, Valuation, Carrying Costs Sheet, Risk tolerance (Traditional or Auction)

              2. Buyer - Questionnaire, Affordability Worksheet, Rent vs own, Risk tolerance

Step 2 - Engage, Decline or Refer 

Step 3 - Gameplan

Step 4 - Execute Strategy

We offer the following services on an ala carte basis  

Referral - Seaport Broker Network - We are aligned with Local & Global brokers 

Valuation - “Do the math and let the math tell you what to do”

Marketing - We will position your property to tell a story and attract qualified buyers.

Commercial Sales  - Office, Industrial, Flex, Multi Family, Land & Auction 

Residential Sales  - Single Family, Condo, Land & Auction

Auction - Forego the stresses of traditional brokerage and sell your property on your terms.