Grita Laureckiene, REALTOR®

Grita grew up in Lithuania but always had a passion for traveling to new places, meeting new people and exploring cultures. She developed her Global mindset which requires constant shift in thinking and helps her greater appreciate and understand those people who are in the relocating process. Grita’s Client’s benefit from a team environment fostered by a think tank approach. Seaport Real Estate Group embraces Grita’s aptitude, determination, past accomplishments, diversity, and client relations.  Our group is stronger and more valuable to our clients with the addition of Grita to the team -Tim Bray Demand for their creativity, out-of-the-box thinking, and a track record of achievement enables Seaport Real Estate Group members to be selective in who they work with.  Clients are granted access to a plethora of resources that minimize risk and maximize return.  After Consultation, some of their clients come to the conclusion that it may not be time to divest or acquire real estate.  Forming a tactical game plan in tandem with their strategic partners often guides Clients to a “Hold, Sell, Lease, Buy, or Exchange pattern” that would otherwise have been overlooked by traditional real estate brokerage methodology. With SeaportRE Group, you can feel confident that you have hired the most capable team in the business to help you achieve your real estate goals

Office Location: 12 Roosevelt Ave, Mystic
Office Phone Number: 860-245-9200

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