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It’s really that simple. Building businesses and creating jobs is what every town in America needs more of these days. Thankfully, we are beginning to see glimpses of life coming back into the markets and real estate slowly starting to heat up.  The successful small business owners have acted as a catalyst in keeping the economy afloat and forging the way for years to come.   Giving recognition to these business owners for their accomplishments through hard times and continued success is the least that we can do.   

Seconn Fabrication’s President and Owner Rob Marelli Jr. has shown continued willingness and a strong desire to re-invest in his business. Rob is making an even bigger investment in his employees which has had a positive effect on the local

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12 Burrows St, Mystic CT 06355

300 yards from Downtown Mystic and over $200,000 in upgrades. This striking home on over half an acre is highlighted by a heated pool, spacious fenced corner lot, irrigation system, garage, new siding,exterior lighting, and central air conditioning.


Letter from the Seller ~

Thank you for your interest in our home. We have spent five very happy years living here. Our home is set in the Mystic Historic District and was built in 1879. Our fondest memories of living at 12 Burrows Street will always be of our children playing outside, running in and out of the pool, and rolling down the hill in our front yard chasing our black lab ‘Bella’. This has been a great home for entertaining, for our children to play and

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Have you ever worked with someone so GOOD that you wanted to tell everyone about your experience?


How often have you agreed to a monthly service agreement, insurance policy, or TV package only to find rates rapidly creeping up and the value of service declining?    Many of us utilize automatic payment programs that make it nearly impossible to spot these changes for years while the built-in escalation clauses leave us feeling violated and taken advantage of.

Wouldn’t life be a little sweeter if your service provider had YOUR best interest in mind and notified you of rate hikes while offering money saving alternatives?

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Debbie Kane of Sava insurance Group in Waterford CT. Debbie, had performed a yearly

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To start, I must say that I am not a tax professional or an attorney. In fact, I have no desire to be involved in either of these professions (though I respect them) and urge you to seek counsel from someone other than a real estate professional writing a blog post.

First of all, it is not a sales tax nor does it impose any transfer tax or recordation tax. It is called a “Medicare Tax” because the money received will be allocated to the Medicare Trust Fund, which is part of the Social Security System. This tax will not affect everyone and in fact will impact a very small percentage of people selling.

People are confused for good reason.  The actual legislation will make your head spin…take a look.

(a) IN

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Since our new site has gone live we keep hearing great feedback about our Keyword Search! People love the ability to be specific with their search criteria. We understand that many of our clients have a specific need and are only looking for a certain type of property.  Our keyword search is one way we are making your home/property search an enjoyable and simplified process. If you are looking for a property in only one of two towns, and one that must be a horse property, why would you sift through 36 properties in those towns when you really only have to look at two?

To help simplify your search find “Search By Keyword” under the “Search Listings” pull-down tab.


Examples of Common Searches:

GOLF ~ Have you ever imagined your back yard

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Seaport Real Estate Group of William Pitt Sotheby’s International Realty is committed to helping our clients accomplish all of their real estate goals. We are actively working shoreline properties from the Stonington-Mystic areas along the coast through Madison with four office locations in: Mystic, Essex, Madison and Guilford. You can now contact our group via text. When you text us your real estate question (whether it pertain to buying, selling, renting, or leasing) you will receive a text back within 10 minutes with either the answer to your question, or a request for more information. Using this resource allows our clients the ability to conduct their day-to-day activities, like having a productive workday, while still enjoying significant

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With Hurricane Sandy closely in our rear view mirror we are left with continued clean up caused by record breaking winds and a storm surge that changed the landscape of many coastal communities. As a real estate professional focusing on the Waterfront Communities in the region, I must pause and think of the short and long term affects that this storm will have on the market.

The short term is ear marked by the clean-up of downed trees, submerged roads, newly created sand dunes, and catastrophic structural damage to homes located in low- lying areas not fortified by seawalls.  It is rumored that FEMA may in fact redraw the maps that have defined the communities since 1938. Time will tell.

Lending has slowed dramatically as banks want to make

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In processing a borrower’s paperwork, it can seem like we fail our way towards the closing and then ask our customers: “How was the trip?” But in reality we should be guiding the customer towards the closing based upon our expertise…for many borrowers in the marketplace this is not happening. We should be saying, “This is the route you must follow to get where you need to go.”

There may be roadblocks and obstacles along the way and at times the journey to home ownership can be bumpy, but the Loan Officer should view their job as that of a guide…one who helps the borrower reach their ultimate destination.

Think of a good tour guide or a concierge you may have encountered while traveling. Not only is the guide familiar with the area to be

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(Written by Bob Ruth)

Each time I first sit down with a potential client, we discuss qualifying for a mortgage, and the 3 main aspects we use to determine whether a borrower can get financing: ability to repay the loan, willingness to repay the loan, and the collateral value of a house which is determined using an appraisal. Each of these is weighted equally and all 3 aspects determine the suitability of a borrower to obtain the financing to buy a property. This is essentially the foundation for buying a home. 

You may be able to qualify for the payments and the house is sufficient collateral for the loan, but if you don't have good credit you may not be able to get the mortgage. This is also true if the appraisal is ok and your credit is good,

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Tim Bray and Seaport Real Estate Group explore the paradigm shift in effectively selling properties fast  and for top dollar. This 8 minute clip can be broken down into four small clips below and emailed to parties that need help in selling their properties.


Perception is not reality in Real Estate (3:09)

Marketing Properties Effectively (1:25)

Unparalleled Service (2:37)

Overview - How to sell fast and for top dollar (1:11)

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