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Posted by Kim Casey on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 1:54pm.

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Mandy Hale

“Change is the only constant”….  So why do we fight it so much? We can not resist, rather we must adapt if we want to stay relevant, survive, and prosper. As Realtors, we have to continue to educate ourselves and others so we are able to consistently change and grow with our clients needs. Think about how many changes in real estate that have come with the advancements of technology. Technology innovation is only going to continue to grow and change the fabric of how we buy and sell real estate. Agents that are not getting on board with current marketing, creating systems to make the transaction as easy as possible for the client, and marketing the right way on social media are missing out on huge opportunities to be assets to their clients.  We can educate consistently right in front of our clients faces daily. Consumers want transparency, and they want their questions answered quickly and thoroughly. They don’t want to have to hunt down answers or to feel lost. The solution to this is laying out a storyline of the real estate process and keeping consumers informed on what they can expect at all times. People get caught up in their lives and don’t realize change has happened until it hits them and makes them uncomfortable. If we can prepare our clients for most, if not all, hurdles that may arise, the change won’t feel as hard and sudden. When changes in the process do occur and the consumer has been educated of the possibility of them happening, they are more likely to have the ability to adapt with ease. When change comes unexpectedly, it can be met with rejection, fear, anger, and other negative emotions.  We certainly do not want our clients feeling any of these emotions and if we are able to, we should do our best to quell them before they even arise. This part of the sheltering we do as agents. We need to write the story for them. Explain and layout the twists and turns of the real estate process so every hit taken is buffered by the expectation of the possibility of that change. Remember this:

Fear will show up every time you're growing or changing. 

Change is inevitably scary; it's like diving into an ocean and not knowing if there are rocks at the bottom. It's all about taking that leap of faith and overcoming fear. According to Psychology Today, change brings about fear which releases the same response as danger, that if we feel any kind of fear it must mean something bad is about to happen and we should try to avoid it. But the truth is, we can't avoid it. You are about to go through one of the biggest changes a person can go through.  And if you can overcome change, you can overcome anything. 




Kim Casey

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Tim Bray wrote: I love this blog post regarding Change. Change is inevitable and welcomed by those who want to grow and improve.

Posted on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at 4:47am.

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