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Communicating with your client.

Your client needs to be made aware that offers are getting bid up. They should not look at properties at the top of their price range. Search for homes 20% less.

-         Make sure that all the fields are filled in and logical.

-         Cash offers carry more weight.

-         Place yourself in the shoes of the listing agent and seller.

Communication with the listing agent.

Use the phone and have conversations with the listing agent backed by texts, a bomb-bomb video, and then email. Get the agent extremely comfortable with you.

Ask the agent if there is anything important to the seller. I.e., closing date, leaving furniture, etc.

Ask the agent if there is a board form with which they are most comfortable if you are operating outside of your membership board. Ask the agent to send you that form.

Communication with the Seller if agreed upon by the listing agent. 

Suggest that it may be in your client’s best interest to craft a letter to the seller and mail it directly to them. You may need to send it to the tax address as opposed to the address of the property being sold.

Emailing the offer to the Listing Agent.

Attached is my buyer's offer for “Property Address”.  Below are the bullet points of the offer:

  •          Please see Page 4, Line #21 (Additional Provisions)
  •          Escalation Addendum - Buyer will pay $2,000 over any competing offer not to exceed $310,000 with proof of offer. 
  •          Ryan Hartman Anchor Home Inspection ( I've already secured 900am on 6/6 for this inspection).
  •          For inspections, buyers agree to waive section 14a in the purchase and sales agreement but will reserve the right to section 14b. Buyers           will not ask sellers for any repairs.
  •          Buyers can be flexible with the closing date to work best with the seller’s needs.
  •          Please note that the appraisal has been waived.

Feel free to call the buyer's lender with any questions. Robert Ruth at US Bank, Cell 401-789-4441.  The buyer has given full access & permission.

Please confirm receipt of this offer, and let me know if you or your sellers have any other questions. We thank you for your consideration.

Communicate with the agent after your offer is submitted. (If the highest and best is called for)

Ask the agent if there is anything that you can do to strengthen the offer. Send a bomb-bomb video, make a phone call, and text. Make sure that you stand out against all of the other agents. Most agents will simply send an email and not follow up. 

As clients, we will explore more creative ways to help you get your offer accepted. The list above represents practices common to the industry.

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