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Kim Casey

Kim has a passion for helping all sellers and buyers with their real estate needs and especially loves helping our military members with their purchases.

Kim realizes this is the largest purchase one will usually make in their lifetime, therefore she approaches each transaction with energetic and positive vibes, all while possessing tenacity and negotiation skills.

Kim has held her real estate license for over two years. Kim joined the Young Professionals Network (YPN) committee with her local board during her first year of licensing.

She is now the President of (BNI) Business Networking International, Crescent Beach chapter. This chapter also holds membership with the Chamber of Commerce.

She has obtained her certification for Commercial and Investment real estate - CIREC.

Kim has earned her designation of E-Pro. By earning the E-Pro designation, she is able to use cutting edge technology and is knowledgeable about modern approaches to selling your home while utilizing social media platforms.

Kim is able to advise on how to best stage your home since she also holds a designation in Home Staging! ISDP is the Interior Staging and Decorating Professional designation earned May 2018.

She earned her MRP certification. MRP holders specialize in helping our military families relocate and also take advantage of all available benefits provided to the veterans.

Kim has sold over 50 homes in CT using her unique skill set and comfortability with wearing several hats in a transaction. She is here to help you find the home of your dreams while saving you the most amount of money. She is always available to help with any question or concern. No matter is too big or small for her dedicated attention.

When you are ready to sell, Kim is here to help you price your home realistically and advertise smartly to get it sold quickly. You can expect professional photography, Facebook videos, and ads promoting your home, no matter the price point. Drone photography and video is also an option for marketing your property that Kim has access to. Kim personally hosts the open houses on her listings and advertises extensively to promote them

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Are you a dog lover living in or exploring through Connecticut? If so, you might want to take a moment and have a quick look below because I'll be highlighting some local dog lover's favorite places and adventures that are something to bark at! 

Let's start by looking at some fun, upcoming activities, and events for your furbaby: 

Custom Size Dog Coat: Virtual Sewing Class:

When: Saturday, April 17th, 2021 - 10:00 am

Where: Spark Makerspace 225 State St, New London, CT 06320

Price: $27-36

More info:

Dog Days at the Market:

The dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. We think it's much more fun to celebrate a man's (or woman's) best friend. Our Dog

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and many of us are scrambling for those last-minute ideas to gift our loved ones. Frantic thoughts may be flying: Where should you eat, should you grab flowers or chocolate, what gift can you give that says the words you never take the time to say?

But does love need to cost money and does it take a particular day to show it; or is that something that our society has ingrained in our minds? To me, it’s reminiscent of New Years’, in that New Year’s Day is the day to reset and create new habits while Valentine’s Day is the day to express your love to your partner. Creating new habits or expressing love and emotions can be done any day of the year, not just on token days.

Showing your love doesn’t require the

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The year is already beginning to pass by, and with it, so are many people’s resolutions to keep staying on top of the goals they set in anticipation of making positive changes in 2021. What is it about the date of January 1st that causes people to think that is THE day to get a fresh start? We can actually make the choice to create a habit any second of any day. It just takes making a decision. That in itself is no easy task, but once you have made the decision, changes begin and new habits are formed.

Making light, half-hearted “goals” to start on January 1st fail for the majority of people for numerous reasons. One reason could be the fact that we try to cram in every large, life-shifting goal at once. How can we be expected to achieve such

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Vacancy Rates - Vacancy shows the current number of un-rented units.

How do you calculate the vacancy rate?

This is typically calculated on an annual basis and is shown as a percentage.
You simply:
Multiply the number of vacant units by 100.
Divide the result by the total number of units in the property.

For example, if an apartment with 10 units has two vacant units, you would multiply 2 x 100, giving you 200. Then divide by 10 units for a 20% vacancy rate.

Why are vacancy rates important?

Vacancy rates are ultimately aimed to be kept as low as possible, but they will always happen and need to be accounted for. A sound investor can not rely on a tenant to pay on time and to stay in and maintain the premises in a satisfactory manner.

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NOI = Gross Revenue – Total Operating Expenses 

The NOI, or Net Operating Income, is one metric used to evaluate an income-producing asset. It is defined as the total income that a property generates less than the total operating expenses and losses from vacant units. 

Prior to investing too much time, energy, and money into acquiring a property, it is crucial for investors to have a clear understanding of the amount of revenue an asset can generate. Many people confuse NOI with the amount of money the property is generating before they take expenses into consideration. When looking at financials on a property and all expenses are not being deducted, the numbers become falsely inflated and are essentially meaningless. How much does it actually

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We all hope to get back to our “normal” lives sooner rather than later, but unfortunately, we have no way of really knowing how long this “new normal” will have to last. Most of us have had to pivot and adapt to COVID19 to figure out new ways to best service our clients during this time. Real estate may slow down for some, but for others it is a necessity to be an active participant in the real estate market. As a divorce real estate specialist, I’ve learned that some people have discovered they are no longer compatible or perhaps a separation had already begun when COVID19 entered the scene. When divorce happens, real estate transactions are commonly involved, and the divorcing couple needs to be able to work with a real estate professional who can help

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We have all mostly been locked in to some extent, more so now than ever before.  This can take a toll on people in many ways from mindlessly snacking to realizing loneliness isn’t lack of company, but a lack of connection. Many discoveries are being made and not all will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.  There are ways to combat this and show up for yourself when you need it the most. I’m going to share some ways I have been personally trying to fill my own cup.  

Yoga - I’m practicing daily.  Some days, I have short spurts of stretches and other times I follow livestream yoga classes made available by: Tricia and the crew at Blissworks Yoga, Cassie Arroyo with Hot on Bank, and Candlelit yoga with Lori Lee Miller.  Links

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Perspective - n. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.

"most guidebook history is written from the editor's perspective”

We are living in unprecedented times where things are uncertain and people are struggling. 

We don’t know how long this will last, but we do have to persevere for ourselves, our families, and our community. What is your perspective on the “New Normal” associated with COVID-19? I’ve seen many different opinions, and my own thoughts boil down to perspective. What perspective have you taken? Will you give in to the worry, fear, and panic that is electrified in the air so much that you can feel it, or will you let your own light shine on the situation and see clear through to the root of

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“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.” Mandy Hale

“Change is the only constant”….  So why do we fight it so much? We can not resist, rather we must adapt if we want to stay relevant, survive, and prosper. As Realtors, we have to continue to educate ourselves and others so we are able to consistently change and grow with our clients needs. Think about how many changes in real estate that have come with the advancements of technology. Technology innovation is only going to continue to grow and change the fabric of how we buy and sell real estate. Agents that are not getting on board with current marketing, creating systems to make the transaction as easy as possible for the client, and

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