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Property Management

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Time Kills Deals - Do Your Research


Real Estate Raw&Uncut is for: Realtors, Agents, Buyers, Sellers, Brokers, Attorneys, Lenders, or just anyone that wants it "REAL" in REAL ESTATE! No hidden lies, none of that Realtor "fluff", no TV drama, no media BS... only the cold hard truth which we deliver unscripted and unfiltered with a new episode every week.

Episode 185: Chances are very good that your seller will receive much less in the long run for an overpriced property than if the property was priced correctly from the start. Most people accept and understand this concept. What many do not recognize is that knowing your product prior to listing can prove to be instrumental in getting the deal done. It is imperative that you have the

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 Shoreline Sentinel and Seaport Property Watch are extremely proud to announce that they have merged to form the most dynamic property management company in the region.  With a common belief in customer service, attention to detail, and a sincere desire to place the interest of the client above their own, this newly formed company has created a recipe for success.  

Tim Bray, co-founder of Seaport Property Watch, sees an overwhelming demand for value added services in a market that has been almost completely ignored thus far.  Absentee Property owners through this newly formed company, now have the ability to create a custom tailored home watch plan that gives them peace of mind and a sense of security for one of their most valuable assets. 

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