Here we are furloughed in quarantine, heretofore unseen. Feels like we’re on the set of a sci-fi movie, wondering how and when this story is resolved. At some point the protagonist swoops down and saves the day just as things take a turn for the worst. If we are to stay on script, we’re rapidly approaching the moment when we need the hero to enter stage left. So, where are they? 

Ever notice, award winning movies are often the ones that leave us without any emotional rescue? No happy ending or 11th hour mission that rights all wrongs and puts the villain in his place. Some of us even root for the villain. Why is this? These movies present themselves as realistic. They feel authentic and believable. Films that come across as glib and overly-scripted get crucified by the critics. We crave reality in a film, as a departure from normal, everyday life. Until it presents itself in the flesh. Our current reality all but eliminates the ability to write our way out of the script we are now living. Well, shit has gotten real! Dare we say un-real? Un-believable? Careful what you wish for. The irony… 

The ripple effects we’re witnessing on this scale are too numerous to list. Health and Economic concerns do not simply top the list, they’ve created a co-dependency. They inevitably feed off each other. We’re now beginning to witness the perpetuation of this vicious cycle. It will leave in its wake casualties we have yet to identify, recognize and account for. As each shoe drops, we’re left with new decisions to make as previous options no longer exist. Many of our choices are being made for us. At the end of the day, what is left for us to exercise any control over? Once we are fortunate enough to get past this global tragedy, what will remain? We can’t know at this time. But, what gifts do we truly own and retain the ability to exercise at this point? 

Like it or not, we’re all entering a Re-set. You know what I’m talking about. Those things we always talk about doing but never do. More of this, less of that. Not now, later. You know the drill. So, pick your poison and pull the trigger! In this context, we’ve all been subconsciously waiting for this opportunity. Our usual ‘over-work’ schedule no longer serves as a viable avoidance strategy. For many of our aspirations, later can become now… 

This is our chance to capitalize in some ways. There are meaningful things that can come from this that may provide us the foundation we need to get started again as we alter previous plans and chart a new course. The underlying feeling we cultivate in this process is Gratitude. There are still so many things we can be grateful for, especially right now. Small victories may be our only playing field, but this is where it begins. Now’s our chance to re-assess, or continue on a righteous path and establish new priorities. As more time passes, we cease with questions like, “Why me?” and simply ask where we are needed most. This can become exactly the opportunity we’ve been wanting to create for ourselves as we recognize that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. When calls to serve are presented, we have the potential to re-define our highest and best use and recognize larger ambitions. These may not be things you want to do initially, but at least you can do them right now. Not exactly a tall order for a national culture of attention junkies locked in their homes, starved for something to do. We can’t control exterior circumstances, only our response to them. At least that’s what I’m telling myself…


-Buddy Kane






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