Salespeople are typically focused on being transactional and closing more deals. Fiduciaries use a consultative approach, putting a client’s best interest in mind even if it means disclosing info that will kill a deal. Fiduciaries won’t place their commissions before your best interest. Unfortunately, many agents in our market are experienced at selling themselves. The real estate industry over the years has become less about the customer and more about the number of transactions an agent closes.  Some of the blame can be directly correlated to real estate coaching which has become big business and focuses on “Closing the Deal” as opposed to solving a client’s problem.  Big Real Estate coaching companies train agents to become adept at answering common questions asked by home buyers and telling the potential buyer what they want to hear. In defense of these agents and scripts, 82% of the agents fail in a very short period of time. These scripts greatly increase an agent's chances of success. Remember, you are purchasing rather than being sold.



Find out how an agent is trained to answer your question by Googling the following phrase "Tom Ferry Buyer Scripts". Then, call an agent with Seaport Real Estate Group and see how we differ.


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