The successful sale of your home is directly correlated to PRICING, MARKETING, and ACCESSIBILITY. 


Many owners require that their Agent present the property to prospective buyers in person.  What these owners do not realize is that this actually decreases their chances of sale.  After many years of research we have found that the average buyer does the following…

  •   Takes 15-20 minutes to look at each home for the first time.
  •   Looks at 23 homes prior to writing an offer.
  •   Looks at the home of their choice twice before writing an offer.
  •   Prefers to look at your home with only one agent

Buyers and Buyer’s Agents do not want the listing agent to be present during their first viewing of a property as it makes them feel uncomfortable, and impedes their ability to look around and see if the home could fit their lifestyle. Having an additional agent present takes precious time that detracts from their objective…..seeing the house.  Would you want the other agent to be present if you were a buyer?

We have found that the top Buyer’s Agents do the following when booking a showing…

  •    Is more prone to show properties on a lockbox.
  •    More likely to show a property where the listing agent does not need to be present.


Please note that it is imperative that the listing agent provides the buyer’s agent with a marketing packet that highlights a property’s most appealing features prior to the showing. This goes way beyond an mls sheet or standard marketing supplied through the mls. Floor plans may need to be supplied depending on your property.


We have found that the listing agent is welcomed by the Buyer and Buyer’s agent on a second showing for the following reasons……

Buyers are interested in the property and have questions that need to be answered….

  •    Property lines
  •    History of the home
  •    Location of septic and well
  •    Possibility of a pool or tennis courts
  •    More information regarding issues with the home that were made apparent through disclosures.
  •   Seller’s reasons for selling (if permissible by seller)

Top agents are very busy and cannot always show a property when requested. This presents a serious problem for the seller as a missed showing is a missed opportunity. Allow the buyer’s agent to do their job by showing the property, gauging interest, promoting the property and setting up a second showing in which the listing agent is present.

Increase your chances of sale by allowing your property to be on a lockbox. 

P.S. There are definitely exceptions to this policy as some property are very complex with multiple components and require the listing agent to be present.


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