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offer accepted

Communicating with your client.

Your client needs to be made aware that offers are getting bid up. They should not look at properties at the top of their price range. Search for homes 20% less.

-         Make sure that all the fields are filled in and logical.

-         Cash offers carry more weight.

-         Place yourself in the shoes of the listing agent and seller.

Communication with the listing agent.

Use the phone and have conversations with the listing agent backed by texts, a bomb-bomb video, and then email. Get the agent extremely comfortable with you.

Ask the agent if there is anything important to the seller. I.e., closing date, leaving furniture, etc.

Ask the agent if there is a board form with which they are most…

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Caveat Emptor – Latin for: “Don’t buy a house right now”


Sage advice indeed. Unless your circumstances warrant it and you’re ok parting with a few extra shekels you may never see again. Not to worry. Prospective buyers in most price ranges have largely backed away from the buffet table at this point. They haven't had much choice in the matter.

The purpose of my rant today.

The tide has turned, kind of…

It’s not a great time to buy or sell. Excluding those under duress without the luxury of a choice, or the ultra-wealthy paying cash.

For most, it hasn’t been the best time to buy for quite a while, but obviously a great time to sell throughout the “Covid-fueled, no inventory” seller’s bonanza we’ve witnessed over the last few…

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What’s the Difference Between a Seller’s Market and a Buyer’s Market? As we begin 2019, if you are about to start looking for a home, you may come upon these terms. Beyond a simple definition for each of these, it is very important to know the different factors that define each, and how the different markets can impact a buyer.  This article will examine these areas.

Seller’s Market Defined

A seller’s market exists when there are many more buyers seeking to purchase than there are homes available on the market. Stated differently, there are less houses available to satisfy a larger pool of buyers in the marketplace. This lack of listing inventory leads to rapid (at times excessive) price appreciation, very quick closings, many cash buyers,…

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