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The Miracle of YOU and Chinese Bamboo

Posted by Tyler Gracey on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 7:57pm.

It is 2020, and we live in a world that thrives on the desire for instant gratification. Over the years, technological advancements have shaped the landscape in which we live and operate on a daily basis. For many of us, these changes in technology have improved our way of life by allowing us to become more efficient in ways that are constantly changing and improving. We can order nearly anything under the sun and it’s delivered to our doorstep within hours. We can FaceTime with our family and friends on the opposite end of the world within seconds. Need a ride? An Uber or Lyft driver is there within minutes. Don’t want to wait in line at Starbucks?  Cool, place a mobile order through their app and skip the line. As quickly as we can think of what we want, we want it right then and there. It’s no wonder why we make posts on social media and refresh the page a million times to see how many “likes” we have after just 30 seconds! Our hyper-connected, social media-driven lifestyle has cultivated a “need it right now” mentality. It seems as though we are all searching for that next Dopamine hit, and we’ll take it in any form we can get.

As the Rolling Stones famously say, “You can’t always get what you want.” That may be true in the very moment you are in right now. But, does it have to be the case forever? Maybe your timing is off. Time is an incredibly interesting variable of life. I find it arbitrary. I’ll save the topic of “time” for another time...see what I did there? Corny pun aside, timing is everything. Sometimes, we fall short of our goals. Not because we aren’t capable, but because we throw in the towel too early. Great things take time. But, how long? I don’t have the answer for that question as it is different for everyone’s situation. What I can say is allow perseverance to lead the way, put your blinders on, and don’t quit until you achieve whatever it is you are after.

Something I have always found fascinating is a metaphor that lies within Chinese Bamboo. If you aren’t familiar with Chinese Bamboo, allow me to explain its background a bit. The Ancient Chinese utilized these plants as tools and resources dating as far back as the Shang Dynasty. Chinese Bamboo is stronger than steel, naturally antibacterial, safe to ingest as a food and produces more oxygen than hardwood trees, while absorbing excess carbon dioxide from Earth’s atmosphere. This remarkable plant is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Imagine a plant that grows so fast that you can visually observe it getting taller…Amazing!

Although it is recorded as the fastest growing plant in the world, vertical growth of the Chinese Bamboo plant is not visible above ground until roughly its fifth year.  

Year One: Nothing

Year Two: Nothing

Year Three: Nothing

Year Four: Still Nothing

Year Five: Exponential, unfathomable growth of up to 90 feet in 6 weeks.

Approximately four full years without any sign of visible growth breaking through Earth’s crust.  Years spent building a subsurface, foundational root system and nothing to show for it above ground until its fifth year. I correlate this concept to the feeling of starting a new business, going down a new career path, striving to meet a personal goal, etc. If what you’re working to achieve is anything worthwhile, it is going to take a lot of time, energy, sacrifice, and a ton of hard work to get there. You will get tested. You will get knocked down. If you continue to get back up, you will prevail. Don’t quit before the finish line.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been pouring your entire heart and soul into something without the satisfaction of reaping the rewards yet, I assure you, just keep pushing forward. It is hard. I truly believe we all know what we need to do to get where we want to be. We have to believe we can do it, build up the courage to take action and seize opportunities, and ultimately do whatever it takes to continue pushing your personal equity curve higher and higher.

Remember, a failure is only a failure if you choose to throw in the towel for good. Feel like quitting and unsure of what to do? Be true to YOU and remember the story of Chinese Bamboo.



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1 Response to "The Miracle of YOU and Chinese Bamboo"

Tim Bray wrote: Holy Smokes, this is so true and I can relate personally. Hats off to you Tyler for sharing this.

Posted on Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 11:29am.

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