The Closer – A combination of experience, expertise, and a Driver personality that relishes the opportunity to wield it aggressively over clients, other agents, as well as the rest of the market in which they choose to contract business. As they should, being a Master of the Universe. This is the Alpha Agent that has paid their dues and established a supreme network of high net-worth individuals from which to drive obscene levels of commission revenue. Their name and identity are synonymous with the high-end market of irrational buyers and sellers that simply want what they want completely independent of any relationship to Value. This brand of Agent is rare and takes a substantial amount of focused time and effort to build unless one is already connected through bloodlines. A modest portion of their annual deals is enough to feed a small village. The barrier to entry of this club is extremely high evidenced by the limited number of these species of agents that exist outside any major metropolitan area.

The Competitor – The aspiring agent that enters the game for money, recognition, awards, and all the ancillary trimmings that accompany. If there is more of anything, count them in! Once the money box is checked off, next is the stream of endless social media posts that showcase how they’ve won. All of their advances to the winner’s circle are directly attributed to the coaching services they employ. They spend thousands of dollars a year on market-tested coaching tools and techniques in their stated pursuit to close the most deals, shame the devil, and rule the world. The first sign of a competitor is their constant reference to “Marketing”. Whatever it is, they can market the hell out of it, and then be seen at the hippest restaurant in town. Their ideal existence lies within the ability to outsell everyone around them. (And drive a Range Rover) In most markets, this is by far the most rapidly growing species of the agent. They’re extremely proud of their achievements. Just ask them, they’ll be more than happy to share their success story.

The Fiduciary – The rarest of agent species that approaches unicorn status. These are marginally extinct creatures that actually walk the talk when it comes to backing up their promises. They take an advisory stance based upon the highest needs of the CLIENT! Their method of conduct clarifies the truest meaning of the word “Agency”. Aside from deep-rooted personality traits, the DNA of this species is rooted within its inherent need to exit the Real Estate Matrix that has been glamorized within the pop culture of social media. The Fiduciary possesses an inability to embrace the illusory identity that a growing population of agents wears as a badge of honor. They rebel against any form of indoctrination or new fads within the Real Estate industry in its current state. Their standards make them a rare find that surpasses even the Closer…

Who Are You?

There are no right or wrong answers here. Merely a decision that you are called to make. Simply state your identity and own it. 

- Buddy Kane

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Wow, great insight from BK. I hope to hear more from this gentleman in the future. keep it coming!!!

Posted by Tim Bray on Saturday, August 7th, 2021 at 4:43am

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