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Tyler Gracey

With constant sandy feet and the occasional jellyfish sting, Tyler grew up on the lovely shores of Westbrook, Connecticut. Spending many of his days along the CT shoreline, Tyler became deeply connected with the water and the surrounding beach communities. At an early age, Tyler became cognizant of his love for architectural design and began to feel the aesthetic impact that it had on him.
Fast forward a bit…

Tyler Gracey is a highly motivated young professional who has a background in the insurance industry. While attending school, he obtained his CT Insurance License and began his client-focused career as an intern with Aflac, a Fortune 150 company. Following his internship, Tyler continued working with Aflac as a Benefits Consultant and became part of their Certified Broker and Multi-Location Account team. Tyler pursued licensure in six states and appointments with multiple insurance carriers, allowing him to travel and work on larger cases. Playing a role in the inception of Gracey Benefit Solutions LLC, Tyler partnered with his mother, Pamela, to form their own agency which specializes in individual & group voluntary benefits and creating risk transfer strategies for business owners.
Connecting the dots…

Tyler made the transition into real estate to follow a passion that continued to grow over the years. In his endeavors, Tyler has grown to love the ability to provide clients with solutions that add value and help simplify their lives. He strongly believes that client needs and a high level of client satisfaction come before anything else. Hard work, integrity and the will to grow are just a few of the natural values that drive Tyler on a daily basis.
Finding balance…

Tyler finds enormous joy outdoors and being adventurous in nature. He is an animal lover and a strong supporter of animal rescue. Furthermore, Tyler loves to travel and share new experiences with his long-time girlfriend, Jamie Molinares. If asked, Tyler would also classify himself as an automobile and espresso aficionado! Additionally, he proudly supports men and women in the First Responder, LEO, and U.S. Military roles and strives to become an active philanthropist among these organizations. Tyler’s family, friends, colleagues and even acquaintances would all agree that he is warm-hearted, outgoing, genuine, driven and prides himself on doing things for the right reasons.

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| What is a Cap Rate? | 

A metric used to gauge the approximate risk and rate of return on an income-producing asset, assuming the investor paid cash.  A cap rate is expressed as a percentage and derived by dividing the Net Operating Income (NOI) by the sales price or current market value.

Formula: Capitalization Rate = Net Operating Income / Current Market Value


Net Operating Income: $150,000

Current Market Value: $2,000,000 

Net Operating Income ($150,000) / Sales Price ($2,000,000) = 7.5% Cap Rate


In short, this means that you would have an approximate return of 7.5% if you paid cash for the property.

You may ask, is this an effective way to value a property? 

There are a handful of variables that are

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It is 2020, and we live in a world that thrives on the desire for instant gratification. Over the years, technological advancements have shaped the landscape in which we live and operate on a daily basis. For many of us, these changes in technology have improved our way of life by allowing us to become more efficient in ways that are constantly changing and improving. We can order nearly anything under the sun and it’s delivered to our doorstep within hours. We can FaceTime with our family and friends on the opposite end of the world within seconds. Need a ride? An Uber or Lyft driver is there within minutes. Don’t want to wait in line at Starbucks?  Cool, place a mobile order through their app and skip the line. As quickly as we can think of what we

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Mahatma Gandhi once said, “In the midst of darkness, light persists”.  I have taken these words to heart over the last couple of days, while observing the reactions to COVID-19 and how this global pandemic has impacted our world. Whether talking about the virus directly in terms of our health, our global economy, stock markets and retirement accounts, local business and municipality closures or the flash flood of mass hysteria relating to these events; we can all agree that a sense of darkness has set into many of our lives over the last couple of weeks.

Uncertainty can cultivate an influx of emotion and different states of being. It can often feel as if we are caught in the undertow of life, unable to decipher which direction is up. During that

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A Boater’s Sanctuary

As a lifelong resident of the Connecticut Shoreline, it comes with great pleasure to shine light on a hidden gem within our local community.  Growing up in and around the boating & fishing world, I have always been drawn to marinas and all that comes with that space.   The distinct sights, sounds and smells are truly part of the lifestyle that is enjoyed by many, including myself. As a commercial real estate professional, it comes as no surprise that a large area of focus and specialization in my business is the acquisition and disposition of marina properties.  With that in mind, I’d like to share with you Riverside Basin Marina located at 41-49 Riverside Drive in Clinton, Connecticut.

Riverside Basin Marina (RBM) is a 9.7

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INCOME - What Happens if it Disappears?! Tyler Gracey​ sits down with Pamela Gracey​, Owner of Gracey Benefit Solutions, LLC​ to discuss how proper planning can help avoid a personal financial crisis. Statistics show that the majority of individuals are not prepared if they become hurt or sick and can't work. What happens to your income? How will you pay your bills? Pam talks about some options that can provide financial security and peace of mind.

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Tyler Gracey sits down with Erik Johnson and Charles Gorrondona of Harbour Mortgage Group to discuss FIVE key points that either STREAMLINE or DERAIL a buyer's ability to obtain a mortgage. Consulting with a reputable lender ahead of time will help set the stage for the buying process down the road. Applying for a mortgage may feel frightening and like uncharted territory - It doesn't have to be!

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Tyler Gracey

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