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What are you doing to stay physically and mentally healthy?

Posted by Kim Casey on Wednesday, April 8th, 2020 at 7:16pm.

We have all mostly been locked in to some extent, more so now than ever before.  This can take a toll on people in many ways from mindlessly snacking to realizing loneliness isn’t lack of company, but a lack of connection. Many discoveries are being made and not all will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health.  There are ways to combat this and show up for yourself when you need it the most. I’m going to share some ways I have been personally trying to fill my own cup.  

Yoga - I’m practicing daily.  Some days, I have short spurts of stretches and other times I follow livestream yoga classes made available by: Tricia and the crew at Blissworks Yoga, Cassie Arroyo with Hot on Bank, and Candlelit yoga with Lori Lee Miller.  Links to purchase classes or donate: 


Cassie: Venmo Account - interstelleryoga

Lori Miller: 

Mediation - I signed up for a 30 day meditation challenge offered by a local yoga studio, Blissworks.  The Zoom Meeting ID to join for free is: 649-982-944

Zoom meetings - Zoom offers sign up with up to 40 minutes per meeting for free! Keep up with your coworkers, business meetings, and networking meetings. Link here: › signup 

Zoom play dates - Zoom play dates with friends and groups of friends are also a great way to connect with others while practicing social distancing. These can be done for your kids or yourself!  I set my 6 year old up with Zoom playdates and after the first couple of times, the kids warmed up to it. Now it's an activity that my son looks forward to daily. I also zoom with friends and groups of friends and it's so nice to see their faces while we chat. You can do this too! Create a meeting and invite your friends to all join.  You can have book clubs, exercise groups, date nights, girl time (or guy time) with your friends and favorite cocktails, and so much more. Get creative with all the things you used to do and try to implement them in a virtual platform. 

Walking and hiking -  I’ve been soaking up what nature I can alone, and I know others who have turned it into household family adventures.  I did find an indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt that I gave to my 6 year old for adventures. I am also staying mindful of what and when I’m eating. I’d love to have triple layer chocolate cake with my coffee every single morning... but... should I really?  Probably not the best idea.. Instead, I’m trying to focus on what my favorite local restaurants are offering for a healthy curbside so I can support them and also feed my family a nourishing meal . Healthy body, healthy mind.

Create a New Schedule - For most of us, our schedules have changed drastically.  We are now trying to work from home- if we are lucky, or locate new avenues of income- if we weren’t so lucky.  We have the added responsibility of homeschooling our kids, we are responsible for providing more meals for the family, and feel the need to entertain the children and even our spouses and ourselves. The days can seem long if we don’t fill them productively. I am choosing to wake up early and keep moving the needle as best I can. How can I show up for myself and for others? That’s the first question of the day. 

Building my business - I’m using the “free” time to further build the foundation with my team.  This is the time to think outside of the box and present bold ideas shamelessly.  Everything else is upside down, maybe that idea is perfectly right side up for the situation we are now in. 

Continuing education - I’m furthering my continuing education in my career field. All the things I said in the past I wanted to do and focus on are now being pulled to the forefront of my checklist and I’m using this time to complete them. 

These are some of the things I am doing to try and stay in a healthy mental and physical state during this time.  What are you doing that you can share? Let’s all pull through this together and accomplish all we can. 

Household Projects - Completing those nagging projects that have been on my bucket list for years and just never seemed to make it to the top. Every time I complete one of these projects I feel like I have a “Win” for the day. This is super important in keeping a positive mental attitude.



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