New to Market – Formerly known as the McCulloch Horse Farm, 100 Whippoorwill Rd in Old Lyme has been offered up for sale by Seaport Real Estate Services in an Auction proceeding. This method will be administered through an online bidding process that takes place over the course of 30 days. Contrary to a traditional brokerage sale, an Auction approach positions the initial offering price significantly lower than the current fair market value. This incites a heightened level of demand, creates a competitive environment, attracts multiple buyers, and drives the price of the property up rapidly over a pre-determined period of time. All necessary due diligence on behalf of interested buyers is performed prior to the close of Auction. Once the winning bid is awarded, the sale is typically closed within a 30-day period.

McCulloch Farm is rich in historical heritage. Having bred “Whippoorwill Morgan” horses for over 65 years up until 2010, its name is largely recognized within the equine community. A family operation since 1945, this local destination was the breeding site for these prized specimens. In 2016 Mary Jean Vasiloff, the matriarch of this property and all that it signifies passed away leaving behind a legacy that endures. This historic property has been willed to family heirs that now seek new ambassadors to carry on its tradition as a reminder of the excellence it has embodied throughout its history. 

Whippoorwill Auction Specifics: 

* 30-day online Auction bidding period that concludes on September 17th at 5:00 pm

*$500,000 starting bid amount

*All necessary documentation on the property as well as the Auction process provided upon request. 

For additional information on this opportunity, contact Jon at (860) 857-8894 or for all necessary documentation needed to proceed accordingly. See the property video & Property Information Packet attached below. 

Property Video

Property Packet

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Buddy my friend, you are a rock star! This is an absolutely phenomenal piece of work, a really great achievement. Congratulations !
What struck me here is how you so elegantly refute the entire herd mentality that has permeated our business...hell, every business it seems. By looking out for and trying to grab hold of the next great "thing", the guru advocate frequently misses the great stuff right in front of them. To be a fiduciary is a choice. It is a conscious decision. You can't be made into one, you either deeply care about people and seek to help them above all else , or you selfishly chase money, achievement, and materialism. There is a quote I absolutely hate : " he who has the most toys wins." The people who buy into that nonsense can never go on the hero's journey you describe because their journey is all about themselves. The journey you describe here begins inward and over time manifests itself on the outside. It is intentional, selfless, nurturing, and personal.

Posted by Robert Ruth on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 at 11:12pm

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