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Our Marketing Plan 

We believe it is important that every home has a customized marketing plan so we can attract the right buyers for your property.

One & Company 

 "We Provide Luxury Grade Marketing to Properties in all Price Ranges."

William Pitt Sotheby's  International Marketing Plan

  • I/we will write a story about the property
  • Schedule professional photographer to shoot interior and exterior photographs of your home
  • Schedule professional aerial photography of your home and land
  • Enter listing into the Multiple Listing Service      - explaining the importance of Reverse Prospecting – enhanced remarks – multiple photos with captions
  • Upload property to where the listing will be translated by native speaking professional translators with real estate expertise instead of computers, our websites can be viewed in 19 languages and dialects.
  • Property list prices can be displayed in more than 50 currencies including Brazil Real R$, the Euro and the Chinese Yuan Renminbi, all updated with the latest exchange rates three times per day.
  • Upload the listing to one or more of Sotheby’s Lifestyle Websites;,,,,
  • Implement Search Engine Marketing – we accomplish this by incorporating relevant information that is visible to search engines on our website.
  • Upload property on agent’s personal website.(if applicable)
  • Upload property to populate to all of the most significant media companies in the world. (The Cascading Wheel)
  • Upload property to the many websites exclusive only to Sotheby’s (Exclusivity Chart)
  • Order “for sale” sign and specialty rider (if applicable)
  • Schedule office tour of home
  • Invite local Realtors to view property
  • Schedule public open house (if applicable)
  • Prepare property post cards for mailing campaign
  • Prepare property post card/flyer for Rezora email campaign
  • Prepare a professional color brochure
  • Prepare a color flyer and install brochure box on sign
  • Distribute brochures to all Sotheby’s offices in Westchester New York, Massachusetts, Manhattan and the Sotheby’s Auction House
  • Promote your property with top producing agents throughout the Sotheby’s network.
  • Establish a designated Luxury Property Website
  • Confer with William Pitt Sotheby’s Public Relation department to create press releases for all major media outlets.
  • Confer with WPSIR public relations department to prepare a blog about the property.
  • Submit property to all of my personal social media pages. Explain the power of Lumentus (if applicable).
  • Submit property to all WPSIR and Sotheby’s International Realty Social Media pages.
  • Upload property to eGallery which is distributed to every Sotheby’s office in the world. Properties greater than $1,499,000 will also be uploaded to the eGallery in all of the Sotheby’s Auction Houses throughout the world.
  • Upload property to the SIR mobile website.        
  • Explain the power of the market reports we offer such as: Listhub, Market Watch, Market Tracker etc.
  • Confer with local Marketing Coordinator to review print advertising options
  • Local print advertising: Submit request for insertion in local papers including but not limited to The Day and Shore Publishing.
  • National print advertising: Prepare and place advertisements through our “Collection” luxury program.


    Sample Seapoort Real Estate Group Marketing Plan

    •       SEAPORT REAL ESTATE GROUP MARKETING – We will utilize all of the resources given to us by William Pitt Sotheby’s and then augment them by utilizing our own unique market techniques that have been proven to be extremely successful in the past.
    •       Digital Property Packets - Targeting the buyer by utilizing our digital marketing packets and tracking where there IP address is located.
    •       Video – We like to utilize video and track the IP addresses as well.
    •       We then take the information gathered from all of our marketing efforts and we run dark posts and social media ads that target the demographics of the probable buyer in specific locations that will most likely yield the buyer. (This is cutting edge, forward thinking, very expensive but powerful)
    •       We also like to focus on Home Owners currently selling their homes who are priced 20%-30% below your home. These owners are targeting for both print and digital marketing geared towards the exposure of your home.  The Agent representing these home owners are contacted and given unbranded marketing materials in hopes of exposing the home.
    •       Cold Calling – Yes we do this
    •       Leads – 58% of leads are never followed up on buy agents. We pride ourselves in a system that systematically increases our chances of contacting leads who have shown interest in your home and getting them through the door.
    •       Professional photography – We pride ourselves on only work with the best and feel that your home can be digitally staged to attract the buyer of the home.
    •       Social Media – Our Graphic Designer and Social media expert constantly exposes the property to the widest audience. We have this area covered.
    •       Real Estate Raw & Uncut – We are 158 episodes into this weekly you-tube channel and have utilized this medium to not only help to educate but to create a following of agents and people who are abreast of our inventory and readily share it with their sphere.
    •       Commission – We will sell your home for a 6% commission and gladly offer to split the commission with a co-broking agency. We are asking that we team up with you on any additional print advertising and split the upfront costs. We will then reimburse your costs at time of closing. 


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