Under the auspices of an Advisory Approach to all things Real Estate, the Residential division of Seaport Real Estate Services leverages data and analytics in the purchase and sale process, to enhance the financial interests of its clients. In doing so, this specialized focus provides these clients the opportunity to remove much of the emotional aspect of a home purchase, by presenting measurable data and clarifying identifiable objectives. Prior to engaging this process, clients are consulted to precisely identify their goals. Once these points are established, efforts are made to determine the feasibility of these ambitions. This provides critical perspective needed to prescribe the necessary means to proceed as planned, or chart another course of action. Regardless of what side of the transaction one is engaging, the proper purchase of a home, plants the seeds of an eventual lucrative sale. The Seaport philosophy instills the message that your home purchase merits being treated as the most important investment into your entire future.

Our strategy for you is clear. By matching your goals with the reality of current market conditions, our recommendations will determine whether to buy, sell, rent or hold based upon our findings within stated Advisory guidelines. 

Partnered with William Pitt Sotheby’s, Seaport Real Estate Group takes buying and selling to a new level of service. Paired with advisory, consulting and actual fiduciary mindsets, our agents will never place a commission above your best interests. We advise our clients to always buy low, sell high or rent if it makes financial sense to your specific needs. 


Step 1 - Determine “Are We a Fit”

Step 2 - Engage, Decline or Refer 

Step 3 - Gameplan

Step 4 - Execute Strategy


Tools For Sellers

Market Pulse Valuation - You want your property to sell. We give you realistic numbers using Market Pulse to make that happen. Don’t solely rely on a standard CMA. 

Due Diligence - We will never take an overpriced listing just to let it sit on the market.

Carrying Costs


Tools For Buyers

Market Pulse Valuation - We run the numbers on properties you are interested in using Market Pulse helping you avoid overpaying 

Due Diligence - “An agent’s willingness to show you any and all properties is typically motivated by their interests rather than yours…” Don’t solely rely on a standard CMA.

Buyers Guide 

Buyers Questionnaire





Risk Analysis

Waterfront Communities

Subdivision Analysis