Chief Morale Pup

Dexter Bray

Dexter Bray, Chief Morale Pup

This is Dexter, the office dog! If you stop by the office you may see him from time to time, but be warned, he is vicious! When he's not in the office, Dexter enjoys getting into things (and places) he shouldn't and spending time with his favorite humans. While in the office, Dexter can be seen eyeing everyone's food, rolling uncontrollably on the floor (presumably for belly rubs), and occasionally playing catch - although he hasn't mastered the "return" part yet. Seaport has a very strict "All pets allowed" policy, and Dexter makes anyone's day better. If you stop in and see him, make sure you give him lots of love and he might just return the favor.

Office Location: 12 Roosevelt Ave, Mystic

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