Group Qualifications to be Your Guide

Seaport's Group Qualifications not only enhance the quality of service but also directly benefit clients by providing accurate valuations, effective marketing, a wide range of transaction options, reduced errors, and adherence to ethical standards. Clients can rest assured that they are in capable hands, significantly reducing the risk of any mishaps in their real estate transactions. Seaport's commitment to excellence is a clear advantage for clients seeking a successful and secure real estate experience.

B.S. in Real Estate & Urban Economics (UConn): Ensures comprehensive knowledge to navigate complex market scenarios, offering data-driven guidance.

MBA: Provides a foundation in business management, crucial for effective deal negotiation and transaction management.

Former Appraiser: Brings invaluable insight into property valuation, aiding in informed pricing decisions.

Graphic Designer: Ensures marketing materials are visually appealing and effective, attracting potential buyers.

Social Media Expert: Guarantees wider property exposure through targeted digital campaigns.

Top 1% of Agents: Signifies exceptional performance and a proven track record, assuring clients of top-tier service.

Commercial & Investment Certified and CCIM Designation: Denotes specialized knowledge in commercial and investment properties, offering expert advice tailored to investment goals. The CCIM designation, in particular, highlights recognized expertise in commercial investment strategies.

Auctions: Offers alternative strategies for buying or selling that can be more efficient or advantageous.

Licensed in CT and RI: Expands the service's geographical scope, providing more flexibility and options for cross-state transactions.

Insurance Professional: Adds a layer of risk management and protection advice for clients, ensuring they understand and can navigate the insurance aspects related to property ownership and transactions.

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