Are You Ready For Home Ownership?

Congratulations!!!  You have worked hard to get to this point in your life and have been told that the American dream of home ownership is within your grasp. Please take a few deep breaths and reflect on the path you have taken to get here.  Successes, hardships, losses, hurdles, friendships, family, education…..It all has gotten you to this point.

You may think that your PAST defines your FUTURE but it doesn’t. It Starts today.

The choice you are about to make will have a massive impact on the remainder of your life. Purchasing a property at the right time, in the right location and for the right price will have a lasting impact on your financial, emotional, and overall well-being.  I have seen families thrive when purchasing real estate RIGHT. I have also seen families torn apart due to a BAD real estate purchase.  

Tim Bray and Seaport Real Estate Group will help you navigate the waters of home ownership and answer the following critical questions before you jump into the water without a flotation device.

  •         Is now the time to buy?
  •         Where are we in the real estate cycle?
  •         Which towns are the most affordable and provide the largest opportunity?
  •         How much should you spend on a home to insure your current lifestyle?
  •         Historically, how does each location perform in relation to the town?

Tim Bray

B.S. Real Estate & Urban Economics (UConn)

“Just because you are capable of purchasing real estate does not mean that you should.”

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