First responders work tirelessly to keep our communities safe and secure. They risk their lives every day to ensure the well-being of our society. Despite their dedication, many first responders struggle to afford a home in the areas they serve. We understand this struggle and are committed to helping first responders achieve the dream of homeownership. This campaign is designed to offer resources, support, and guidance to help first responders buy a home.

This campaign is designed to support and empower first responders to achieve their dream of homeownership. With the resources, guidance, and support offered through this campaign, we hope to make the home-buying process more accessible and less daunting for first responders. Let's work together to make "Home Sweet Home" a reality for our community heroes.

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Terms & Conditions:

The rebate will only be issued to the referred party. If you are a buyer, in some circumstances, your lender may not allow you to receive a rebate or may restrict the amount of rebate that the real estate agent/broker can provide.  As a result, Seaport Real Estate Services, LLC. dba Seaport Real Estate Services, recommends that you discuss the anticipated receipt of the rebate with your lender. You are may not receive a portion of your rebate if your lender is not willing to participate in this program.

The rebate amount is subject to adjustment or cancellation if: (a) Seaport Real Estate Services or its network agent/broker is prohibited from distributing the rebate or any portion thereof, (b) the transaction restricts commissions, including many new construction, “For Sale by Owner,” and short sales, (c) the commission received by the network agent/broker is less than 1.75% of the sales price of the related home, (d) your lender, in its discretion, determines the rebate cannot be paid, or (e) Seaport Real Estate Services, in its discretion, modifies these Rebate Terms and Conditions or discontinues this rebate program. Your agent can help you identify any transactions where the rebate would not be available through this program. 

You must a Seaport Real Estate Services  agent to complete your real estate purchase or sale transaction in order to receive a rebate under this program. 

The real estate you purchase and/or sell must also be in an eligible state. The rebate offer is not available where prohibited by state law or in states where this program is not available.

Other terms and conditions may apply.  All real estate commissions are negotiable. This is not a solicitation if you are already represented by a real estate agent/broker.

Rebate Amount

Subject to the terms and conditions outlined above, the rebate will be calculated as follows: 

Purchase price between $1-$300k = $500 Rebate, $300,001 - $500k = $750 Rebate, $500,001 and up = $1,000 Rebate.  The total dollar amount you receive is based on the sales price of the home as reflected on the closing disclosure or ALTA settlement statement. Upon request, you must provide a release in order for your closing disclosure or ALTA statement to be disclosed to your agent/broker. Our participating lender will be asked to match the amount above or a portion of that amount. Our participating closing attorney has agreed to discount the price of service by $250. We will ask non participating attorneys to participate in this program but the amount of rebate shall be at their discretion. 


By agreeing to be connected with a real estate agent through Seaport Real Estate Services, you acknowledge and agree to these Rebate Terms and Conditions and make the following affirmations: 

You are a buyer or seller being represented only by the Seaport Real Estate Services network agent you are matched with and no other licensed real estate professional. 

You will notify all parties to the transaction, including your lender if you are a buyer, of any rebate you expect to receive. 

You have had the opportunity to consult with a tax professional about rebate tax liability. 

You understand that the rebate is not contingent upon the use of other services or products being offered by Seaport Real Estate Services or any of its affiliates.

Seaport Real Estate Services may update or modify these Rebate Terms and Conditions in its discretion.