Stonington, CT Waterfront


Stonington's Shoreline is made of many waterfront communities offering unique lifestyles to its residents.  Seaport Real Estate Services currently tracks 8 waterfront communities including Stonington Borough,  Wamphassuc Point, Lords Point, Latimer Point, Masons Island,  & Mystic.

In order to bring transparency to the marketplace and add value to our clients, we provide our clients with a base of information regarding each community that could not otherwise be obtained in the marketplace. Below is a real-time glimpse of the properties currently being offered through all of the brokerage firms. 

Searching for a waterfront home and not finding quite what you are looking for? Contact a member of Seaport Real Estate Services to take a deeper dive into the possibilities of off-market properties up and down the coast of Connecticut and Rhode Island. We are here to help you find that perfect property that may not otherwise be visible to the marketplace.

Property Results

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