With Hurricane Sandy closely in our rear view mirror we are left with continued clean up caused by record breaking winds and a storm surge that changed the landscape of many coastal communities. As a real estate professional focusing on the Waterfront Communities in the region, I must pause and think of the short and long term affects that this storm will have on the market.

The short term is ear marked by the clean-up of downed trees, submerged roads, newly created sand dunes, and catastrophic structural damage to homes located in low- lying areas not fortified by seawalls.  It is rumored that FEMA may in fact redraw the maps that have defined the communities since 1938. Time will tell.

Lending has slowed dramatically as banks want to make…

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In processing a borrower’s paperwork, it can seem like we fail our way towards the closing and then ask our customers: “How was the trip?” But in reality we should be guiding the customer towards the closing based upon our expertise…for many borrowers in the marketplace this is not happening. We should be saying, “This is the route you must follow to get where you need to go.”

There may be roadblocks and obstacles along the way and at times the journey to home ownership can be bumpy, but the Loan Officer should view their job as that of a guide…one who helps the borrower reach their ultimate destination.

Think of a good tour guide or a concierge you may have encountered while traveling. Not only is the guide familiar with the area to be…

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