If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen, or finishing your basement, you probably want to get your investment back when you sell your home. But when it comes to payback value of home improvements, some are definitely more profitable than others. As a general rule, kitchen and bathroom projects usually get a nice return on investment, typically 90% or more. Things like adding rooms or finishing basements tend to pay back the least. Finishing a basement usually returns less than 50%, so it’s not a project likely to show profit at selling time.

There are a number of factors that go into determining how well a project will pay back. Payback value depends a lot on the current market conditions in your area. If the market is hot and homes are…

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Over the past decade, as pricing began to inflate artificially, we were lead to believe that the real estate market was lined with gold. All of the fundamentals no longer seemed to matter. Values of commercial properties were no longer correlated to income but to projected future appreciation. Residential properties were experiencing a similar scenario where you could not lose. People were anticipating that the market would forever increase and the Market Value of their properties would do nothing but compound.

Some of the fundamentals ignored were as follows:

Competition: If a certain type of property is introduced to an area and begins to sell at higher than normal prices then this will cause other properties of similar caliber to be built in hopes…

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Which waterfront community will you choose?

Seaport Real Estate Group actively tracks over sixty waterfront communities along the Connecticut Shoreline from the seaports of Stonington to the beaches in Branford. Each of these communities offer unique attributes, amenities and property types that cater to the lifestyles of its residents. For more information about Waterfront Communities & Shoreline Properties for sale in southeastern Connecticut please visit Seaport Real Estate Groups Shoreline Guide.

Find the Perfect Home at the Right Price 

When buying a home it is important to determine exactly what you want and need in order to make smart decisions. But, a waterfront home is not just any home. Special considerations need to be taken to ensure…

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