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Property Insurance

The growing ferocity and frequency of extreme weather events, tied intrinsically to the rapidly changing climate, have sent shockwaves through sectors that once thrived on predictability and historical data – notably, the insurance and housing markets. Jacob Bogage’s recent Washington Post article encapsulates the urgency and gravity of the situation, focusing on how major insurers are pulling away from covering the very natural disasters that are increasing in frequency.

Insurance companies, at their core, are in the business of evaluating and pricing risk. Historically, they've spread these risks across various geographies and disaster types, ensuring that catastrophic payouts in one region are balanced by calmer conditions elsewhere. However, as…

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The housing market in Connecticut has seen significant changes in the past several years, much like other states throughout the nation. But what in particular has been happening with Connecticut housing prices? Where is it going up and where is it going down? Understanding the drivers behind these shifts is critical for sellers and buyers alike. Factors such as median household income, local economic health, lending practices, and back-end ratios also play significant roles in the housing market's volatility.

The median household income is a key factor to consider when examining Connecticut's housing market. The median household income in a town can greatly impact the typical home value. High-income towns like Darien, Greenwich, and Westport…

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Crafted by an acclaimed housewright using the highest quality materials and bespoke finishes throughout, this remarkable estate is tucked away amidst the pristine wilderness that borders the tranquil Lieutenant River. It offers an unparalleled level of privacy and tranquility, with a rich tapestry of birdlife. The meticulously maintained grounds comprise formal gardens enveloped by woodlands, with no other signs of human habitation in sight – save for the occasional kayaker drifting by.

While this estate provides a haven for wildlife enthusiasts, its location is also convenient, being a mere seven-minute drive to grocery stores and I95 Exit 70, making it the perfect choice for commuters or city residents seeking the security of a second home. The…

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NL County Appreciation

Investing in real estate is a significant decision, and understanding how property values have appreciated over time is crucial for both buyers and sellers. In this blog, we delve into 24 years of data from various towns in New London County, revealing average sales, typical home sizes, sales prices, and yearly appreciation rates. Join us on this insightful journey as we explore the real estate landscape of New London County.

1. Analyzing Appreciation Rates: Appreciation rates are a key indicator of a town's growth and desirability. Let's explore some noteworthy findings.

  • Stonington: With a staggering 9.89% average yearly appreciation rate, Stonington has been a lucrative market for homeowners and investors alike. Its charm and natural beauty…

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