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January 2018

Found 2 blog entries for January 2018.

Written by Robert H. Ruth

Even though it is only the 3rd week of January, now is the perfect time to get positioned to buy a home. Here in New England the Spring market will heat up right after the Super Bowl with many property listings coming on. Make sure you are ready to take advantage of the market opportunities and do these 5 things so you can jump on a property you like and make the best offer.  Here are the 5 most important things you can do to prepare for house buying season:

Get your documentation organized

This includes the last 2 years of W2 forms, your 2 most recent paystubs, your most recent two months bank statements, and your most recent quarterly 401K or retirement account statement. If you are self- employed or earn

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Written by Robert H. Ruth

The answer to that question is not completely known as of yet, but there are several areas of the final legislation that will affect people who own real estate.  This post will attempt to look at several areas in a bit more detail.  

  • As with any bill before Congress, there were groups who tried to gain an advantage or defend the position they believed would be affected by the proposed legislation, and this bill was no different.
  • Since I am not an accountant, I will not give any advice in that area in this posting. If you have specific tax questions you should consult a tax professional. 

The biggest changes in the law that will be felt by homeowners have to do with mortgage interest deductibility and

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