The successful sale of your home is directly correlated to PRICING, MARKETING, and ACCESSIBILITY. 


Many owners require that their Agent present the property to prospective buyers in person.  What these owners do not realize is that this actually decreases their chances of sale.  After many years of research we have found that the average buyer does the following…

  •   Takes 15-20 minutes to look at each home for the first time.
  •   Looks at 23 homes prior to writing an offer.
  •   Looks at the home of their choice twice before writing an offer.
  •   Prefers to look at your home with only one agent

Buyers and Buyer’s Agents do not want the listing agent to be present during their first viewing of a property as it makes them feel…

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Would it be better to sell this home now, or rent it out and sell later?  Making an informed decision can impact your financial well being for decades to come.  Often times moving goes hand in hand with selling a home…..but not always.  In some cases people know that they will only be leaving for a few years while they pursue a degree, project for work, or perhaps a sabbatical.  Sometimes the wannabe seller has no choice but to rent as the value of the home is less than the mortgage and they do not have enough cash to cover the difference at closing. Maybe the market is on the verge of an uptick which will cause the value of the property to surge.  

Regardless of the reason, it is extremely important to understand the financial ramifications of…

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