This is an extremely important act that was passed by all 50 states in the 1960’s to allow farmland, forestry, or open space to be assessed at its use rather than its fair market value or highest and best use as determined by an assessor.  Without this law, many land owners would simply not be able to afford land that has been passed down from generation to generation as the taxes would be outrageous.

Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding land use assessment and valuations differ from town to town. The State Law in CT sets no minimum acreage requirements to qualify but the individual township may have guidelines. Many towns in CT require a minimum of 25 acres.  In CT you must have your land designated as “Forestry” through the…

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Mother Nature served up more than just inclement weather during the 2014-2015 Winter season.  As the snow piled up throughout New England we were given insight into a real estate market that would have otherwise been impossible to perceive.  

Reports regarding the absorption of foreclosures and REO’s have been fairly consistent. The inventory is being purchased which in turn is driving supply down as well as months of inventory.  Our economy is feeling a bit healthier and we expect interest rates to rise by the 4th quarter as a reflection.

But WAIT….the latest snow storms showed us that MANY homes are still VACANT & BANK OWNED.  With driveways blocked and paths un-shoveled we were able to get a true glimpse of the housing market.   No one is…

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