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March 2017

Found 4 blog entries for March 2017.

Written by Robert H. Ruth

This is a topic I discuss with borrowers most every day, so I thought you’d like to know the components of your credit score.  According to Fair Issac Corporation (FICO), “the score is calculated from many different pieces of data in your credit report, and the data is grouped into the 5 categories below.” Here they are with the approximate weighting assigned to each category:

  • Payment History : 35%
  • Amounts Owed :  30%
  • Length of Credit History:15%
  • New accounts Opened :10%
  • Mix of Credit :10%
  • Total: 100%

Let’s see what each category represents:

Payment history: 35%

This tells whether you have paid your credit card accounts on time in the past.  If you make all your payments on time each

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Written by Robert H. Ruth

If you are about to start looking for a home this Spring, you may come upon these terms. Beyond a simple definition for each of these, it is very important to know the different factors that define each, and how the different markets can impact a buyer.  This article will examine all these areas.

Buyer’s Market Defined

A buyer’s market exists when there are not enough buyers looking to purchase houses, and thus there is an excess of available inventory (homes for sale) on the market. Stated differently, there are more homes on the market than there are buyers who are seeking to buy them. In this type of market, prices are highly negotiable, price appreciation is very slight, or even nonexistent, and homes take a

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Written by Robert H. Ruth

The other week in Part 1, I discussed the fact that the stock and bond markets are always moving, and these ebbs and flows reflect investor’s tolerance for risk.

  • When stocks are moving higher, people feel optimistic that stocks are the best place to put their money, where they will get the highest return, and that confidence in the market outweighs the potential risks of investing.
  • When investors are concerned about the direction of the market, or there is uncertainty about the state of the economy, people look to put their money in what they perceive to be a safe haven, and they move their money into bonds.

And one of the safest havens for investors are US Treasury Securities, and the most

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Written by Robert H. Ruth

Remember the movie the Karate Kid? The young man’s instructor, Mr. Miyagi, teaches Daniel discipline with his phrase “wax on, wax off.” To paraphrase that, in the financial markets, there is a phrase that is popular called: “ Risk On, Risk Off ”, and that phrase is a good way to think about how financial market movements impact rates. Let me explain:

Risk On:

  • The stock market moves constantly; it ebbs and flows
  • When the stock market moves up, it means that people or institutions are actively buying stocks, and the volume is driving the price of stocks upwards.This has been happening in dramatic fashion since the election in November. The financial markets like the message that President Trump is sending
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