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January 2021

Found 2 blog entries for January 2021.

The year is already beginning to pass by, and with it, so are many people’s resolutions to keep staying on top of the goals they set in anticipation of making positive changes in 2021. What is it about the date of January 1st that causes people to think that is THE day to get a fresh start? We can actually make the choice to create a habit any second of any day. It just takes making a decision. That in itself is no easy task, but once you have made the decision, changes begin and new habits are formed.

Making light, half-hearted “goals” to start on January 1st fail for the majority of people for numerous reasons. One reason could be the fact that we try to cram in every large, life-shifting goal at once. How can we be expected to achieve such

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The Growing Gap between Price and Value 


Breaking News: Residential Real Estate markets are on fire. Thank you Captain Obvious. No matter the cause, this is always newsworthy in and of itself. What makes this story especially compelling is the fact that it is being written in the middle of a global pandemic with jobs being lost and a larger economic contraction forthcoming. The short answer that explains this recent phenomenon is simple: city dwellers are fleeing concentrated, highly populated areas, and suburban markets are reaping the benefits of their relocation and ability to now work from home. Add to this, historically low-interest rates, fiscal stimulus, and a lack of grounded market awareness, it becomes easier to explain

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