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December 2015

Found 3 blog entries for December 2015.


This Week's Pick: Favorite Coffeeshop

Our team discusses their favorite place to get a cup of coffee, get some work done, or grab a snack. We had three votes for Cafe Sol, a place that focuses on keeping their food sourced locally. Choose from the breakfast or lunch options, sandwiches, salads, or even their quesadillas and smoothies. Gluten free friendly, and accomodating to other dietary restrictions. Bryon  deemed it a "hip place with a ton of space to hang out, meet with people and connect to wifi."

Zoe likes to visit, "especially in the summer when you can sit outside, its right in the middle of town and there is always a stream of people in and out."

Deb enjoys the outdoor element and great service. "The staff is friendly and extremely

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This week, we are starting a new blog series of our Realtors’ local business reviews. Each week we’ll choose a topic for our team to spotlight, and discuss their favorite. Submit your ideas for a topic to

This week’s topic: Restaurants in Mystic

Engine Room and Oyster Club definitely are both favored this week. With so many restaurants to choose from it was a hard decision for our agents!

Engine Room, 14 Holmes St.

Located in the Lathrop Marine Engine building. The owners have a deep background in food, previously opening the Oyster Club together. The menu features upscale bar food, with a focus on burgers and bourbon. “We like to get there at 4 Pm and get one of the oversized corner booths," said Tim Bray. "The kids

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Check out this new video on Credit Sesame where Real Estate Raw & Uncut focus on credit scores for home buyers. Byron Lazine and Tim Bray talk off the cuff about why your credit score can affect your mortgage and interest rate.

Are you a first time home buyer or are you just looking to buy a new home? One of the biggest challenges for buying a home is getting a mortgage. To get a great rate for your mortgage, it's important to have a great credit score. By building a good credit history, you are guaranteeing that you will save thousands of dollars on your mortgage with a lower interest rate.

Some tips for keeping your credit score high:

  • Use credit to create better credit. You can't build your credit score without actually getting credit cards
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