With his mixed background in manufacturing and service industries, Kyle has the skills and knowledge to handle any type of property transaction. Kyle puts morality and transparency first and treats his clients as family, ready to go the extra mile to protect and advocate for those he represents. At home, Kyle enjoys metalworking in his welding shop and is always tweaking and modifying his motorcycles in his spare time. He is a sci-fi junkie and loves exploring local bookshops with his fiance in search of literary treasure.


We're incredibly proud to spotlight Kyle Schrader, one of our most dedicated and industrious realtors. Kyle is consistently striving for excellence, and is currently working diligently to obtain the prestigious CCIM designation.

???? What is the CCIM Designation? The Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, administered by the CCIM Institute, is among the most esteemed credentials in the real estate world. Achieving this signifies expertise in financial, market, and investment analysis, and exceptional negotiation skills. Those who earn this are recognized as leaders in the commercial investment real estate sector.

???? Why is the CCIM Designation a Game-Changer?

  1. Mastery in Financial Analysis: CCIMs make data-driven…

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Finding a home usually starts the same way for everyone; online. You head on over to your home search site of choice, be it Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, or any one of the million options out there for you, the consumer. On the face of it, nothing could be more simple; find a house you like, and in a couple of clicks you're in touch with the listing agent of said house and on the road to home ownership. If only it were that simple.

The click you make to contact the agent does more than you think. It most certainly contacts an agent, but more importantly, that click turns you from a home buyer to a product to be bought and sold. That click makes you a lead, and leads are worth big bucks to brokerages, agents, other lead generation companies, and…

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Sometimes, as much as I prioritize self-awareness and looking inward, I still manage to surprise myself with a struggle I don't see coming. My recent focus on building up my Real Estate career has shown me some flaws in my perception of work, and specifically my own self-worth regarding the type of work I'm doing. 

I make stuff; welding and metalworking, woodworking, I make furniture and fixtures, I repair machinery and motors. I absolutely love it. What brought me back to Real Estate and drives me to keep at it is its ability to let me hold on to all those things I love as hobbies. I find that supporting my family by building things doesn't allow me to take joy from it like I did before I went into business for myself. Enter Real Estate, it…

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