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February 2013

Found 3 blog entries for February 2013.

Have you ever worked with someone so GOOD that you wanted to tell everyone about your experience?


How often have you agreed to a monthly service agreement, insurance policy, or TV package only to find rates rapidly creeping up and the value of service declining?    Many of us utilize automatic payment programs that make it nearly impossible to spot these changes for years while the built-in escalation clauses leave us feeling violated and taken advantage of.

Wouldn’t life be a little sweeter if your service provider had YOUR best interest in mind and notified you of rate hikes while offering money saving alternatives?

A few weeks ago, I received a call from Debbie Kane of Sava insurance Group in Waterford CT. Debbie, had performed a yearly

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To start, I must say that I am not a tax professional or an attorney. In fact, I have no desire to be involved in either of these professions (though I respect them) and urge you to seek counsel from someone other than a real estate professional writing a blog post.

First of all, it is not a sales tax nor does it impose any transfer tax or recordation tax. It is called a “Medicare Tax” because the money received will be allocated to the Medicare Trust Fund, which is part of the Social Security System. This tax will not affect everyone and in fact will impact a very small percentage of people selling.

People are confused for good reason.  The actual legislation will make your head spin…take a look.

(a) IN

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Since our new site has gone live we keep hearing great feedback about our Keyword Search! People love the ability to be specific with their search criteria. We understand that many of our clients have a specific need and are only looking for a certain type of property.  Our keyword search is one way we are making your home/property search an enjoyable and simplified process. If you are looking for a property in only one of two towns, and one that must be a horse property, why would you sift through 36 properties in those towns when you really only have to look at two?

To help simplify your search find “Search By Keyword” under the “Search Listings” pull-down tab.


Examples of Common Searches:

GOLF ~ Have you ever imagined your back yard

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