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It’s that time of year again. The weather is breaking, the birds are chirping, and once again I’ve waited ‘til the last minute to complete my continuing education credits. There is something bittersweet about a mad dash to the finish line under the wire. I must enjoy getting it done this way or I would have already taken care of business like the responsible adult I aspire to be someday.

There’s a certain measure of gratitude that accompanies 11th hour urgency. Tasks become reactionary, in a full contact sport sort a way. I’m able to make tracks quickly when the only way to proceed is forward, and fast. Wisdom, and motivation come suddenly.

In this space, I tend to think out loud and verbalize new ideas to myself that I wouldn’t have had access to if I’d responsibly planned it out with sufficient time, rest, and resources. At times I am prone to distraction. 

However, with the clock ticking, my mind seems to go blank as I slip into the gap between the rational and the ridiculous. This grants me access to a host of spontaneous new thoughts, some of which may be of particular use to me as I conduct my own discovery expedition.

The rest become part of a larger creative process I leverage for my own personal amusement. They sustain me within the sleepy normalcy of professionally “accepted” conduct.

It’s on the fringes where the most gratifying notions and concepts live and breathe. They’re the seeds of original thought. You won’t find ‘em on the shelves in the middle aisles…

 So, when the annual CE deadline is brought to my attention, I usually take heed upon the 7th or 8th reminder that time is running out.

Once I get started, I seem to enjoy the classes. I engage the learning precisely because I have so much more to learn. What I especially like are the electives that allow for some creativity I can see myself actually applying in real life scenarios.

This year I’m taking it a step further. I’m driving the bus…

As agents, I submit to you an evolving list of proposed electives I would personally institute in the curriculum as it applies to the industry at this time:

 *Working with Cash Buyers – Exiting the Matrix of financial prudence and responsibility

*Making the agency shift from “busy” to effective – Leveraging less as more

*Screening prospective nightmare clients (the signs)And firing existing ones

*Referrals: The gift of giving rather than receiving

*Social Media “Content”: Deciphering signal from mind numbing noise

*Networking Groups: Why many “leads” make you want to commit Hari Kari

*Navigating Networking Events – Conversation exit-phrases & The Irish Goodbye

*Range Rover: A history. The flagship status symbol of social-climbing agents


Just broad strokes here but you get the point.

If you could create your own curriculum of electives to provide pearls of wisdom to other agents based upon your own experiences, where would you take the party?

And what would it say about you as an agent?


-Buddy Kane

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