Being a real estate professional may be one of the toughest careers you can choose as your initial results are not directly correlated to your hard work but rather to the choices that you make.  I liken this profession to that of a gardener who initially works alone. 

Your first goal is to find a piece of ground that is rich in nutrients and near a sustainable water source.

Your second goal is find a few healthy seeds to start your garden.  Each customer that you are blessed to come in contact with is like a seed whose species is yet to be determined.  You must take extremely good care of each and every seed to make sure that they have a chance to mature and potentially bear fruit…… Not ever knowing if any of your seeds will make it to harvest.

Be extremely careful as some of your precious seeds may be an invasive weed that could wipe out your entire crop or be weak and never survive the first storm that hits.  As soon as you determine the species and fortitude of your seed you must make a choice to nurture or abandon.

This is Your Garden and over time your harvest will get larger as the most dominant plants will produce seedlings that constantly give back.    If your soil is rich and your plants are strong you will eventually need to align yourself with like-minded gardeners who will directly benefit from your hard work.

Together you will enjoy the fruits of labor and the decisions that are made to protect and grow a crop that will continuously give back regardless of the change in weather or gypsy gardeners whose only intent is to make a quick buck off this season’s harvest.

Be vigilant as your soils, weather patterns, and methods of cultivation will change quickly. Your crop is always at risk and you need to be able to react.

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Great Post Tim. Will be in touch to incorporate in Inman.

Posted by Super Admin on Friday, February 14th, 2014 at 5:53am

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