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Sometimes, as much as I prioritize self-awareness and looking inward, I still manage to surprise myself with a struggle I don't see coming. My recent focus on building up my Real Estate career has shown me some flaws in my perception of work, and specifically my own self-worth regarding the type of work I'm doing. 

I make stuff; welding and metalworking, woodworking, I make furniture and fixtures, I repair machinery and motors. I absolutely love it. What brought me back to Real Estate and drives me to keep at it is its ability to let me hold on to all those things I love as hobbies. I find that supporting my family by building things doesn't allow me to take joy from it like I did before I went into business for myself. Enter Real Estate, it…

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Despite our typical beliefs, now is the time to place your property on the market. Consumer confidence is as high as we have seen in the past decade due to low interest rates and historically low gas prices. 

The abnormally high number of sales in the lower price ranges will be having a ripple effect throughout higher price ranges in the  months to come. 

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Closing ~ Beginning or End of the month

It is very important to be strategic when writing an offer so that your goals and objectives are defined and met. Work closely with a reputable local lender to determine your strengths and weaknesses as a buyer. Closing at the beginning or end of the month can have financial advantages and disadvantages.

First, you must understand that mortgage interest on your mortgage begins accruing on the date that you close on your property. The majority of mortgages are due on the first day of the month. At the closing table, you will pay (PITA) Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance from the date of closing to the last day of the month. Please note that the majority of this payment goes towards the mortgage…

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