In recent years, the commercial real estate industry has seen a concerning trend where commercial brokerage firms opt not to offer co-brokerage commissions to buyers' agents. The withholding of these commissions can have significant negative consequences for property owners, buyers, and the industry's reputation as a whole. 

Adverse Impacts of Not Offering Cobrokerage Commissions

  1. Reduced Market Exposure

Cobrokerage commissions incentivize buyers' agents to bring their clients to a property, which expands the pool of potential buyers. By not offering these commissions, commercial brokerage firms limit the property's exposure to the market. This can lead to longer times on the market and, ultimately, lower sale prices.

  1. Lower Sale Prices

The reduced market exposure can result in properties being sold at lower prices than they might have if a broader pool of potential buyers had been reached. This negatively affects property owners, who may be forced to settle for a lower price than the property is worth.

  1. Strained Relationships between Brokers

Withholding co-brokerage commissions can strain relationships between commercial brokers, as it can be perceived as a lack of cooperation and trust. This may lead to a more contentious environment within the industry, making it more difficult for brokers to work together in the future.

  1. Limited Options for Buyers

Buyers' agents will likely prioritize properties that offer co-brokerage commissions, as it directly impacts their compensation. Consequently, buyers may not be shown all available properties, limiting their options and potentially leading them to make suboptimal choices.

  1. Damage to Industry Reputation

As this trend continues to grow, it may result in a loss of trust in the commercial real estate industry. Buyers and sellers may begin to view the industry as less collaborative and more focused on individual gain than clients' best interests. This could discourage potential clients from working with commercial brokerage firms and harm the industry's long-term success.

  1. Potential Legal Issues

Refusing to offer co-brokerage commissions may lead to potential legal issues, as some might argue that it constitutes a form of anti-competitive behavior. This could result in litigation, further damaging the reputation of the commercial real estate industry and potentially leading to increased regulation.

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