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We are currently in the Advisory stage of consulting with a prospective client who has plans to list their home for sale. Before we can determine if this partnership is a good fit for both Client and Broker, we have some homework to do. Contrary to popular belief in the industry, one size does NOT fit all. Upon collecting all the pertinent data relevant to the property as well as the local market in which it is located, we perform the necessary analysis to ensure that our assessment of this opportunity is in alignment with the client's goals and expectations. Once this task is completed, we are guided by the necessary data to advise all potential clients on what we believe to be the wisest path forward to achieve their goal of sale. 

To illustrate this process, we begin by performing a current valuation of the specific property, within the scope of conventional Real Estate valuation methods. Next, we determine where this current price is positioned historically within the larger Real Estate Cycle. Finally, with both current and historic valuations established, we assess how these values relate to the supply and demand of this price range within the local market, referred to as months of inventory. This allows us to inform the client whether they will be participating in a buyers market or a seller's market, and the upward or downward influence this may have on their chances of sale. Ultimately, we arm the client with the necessary data required to make educated decisions as it relates to their goals, so they are allowed to shape their own expectations accordingly. 

Prior experience has taught us that awareness of critical data greatly enhances our ability to advise clients on a Fiduciary level and accelerate time frames needed to achieve targeted results. The conventional model within residential real estate has largely been predicated upon agents getting the listing first and then employing price reduction strategies until a buyer is secured. Passively “facilitating” this traditional route neglects to properly navigate clients effectively through the inevitable challenges. The downside of this outdated approach lies within the extended and sometimes endless timeframes associated with this process. As a result, a seller’s expenses can be greatly increased in the form of accrued Carrying Costs in the interim. 

Within this customized Advisory approach, we proactively address all looming concerns before a listing agreement is signed. This becomes the blueprint from which we proceed. The measure of our success is directly correlated with the success of the client. Once we are attuned to critical variables pertaining to a specific property, we are able to reach a high level of velocity achieving timely results on behalf of our clients. 




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