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 Just had an appointment cancel last minute. Was halfway there. Had to turn around, drive back home and return to doing what I really wanted to do in the first place. It was awful, I think. It’s the third time this agent has cancelled or rescheduled in the last week. After blaming her clients and throwing them under the bus, she apologized for the inconvenience. I graciously conveyed my understanding and let her know that these things are disappointing, but they happen. Little did she know, she had unknowingly put my entire morning back on track and freed me up to do other things, like write these words.

Somewhere, somehow, the idea of a cancellation for anything has typically held a negative reference. Personally, I find this amusing because it plays right into my hands. For starters, I gain some hand over the other agent. Not that I cared about that to begin with, but it does present an intangible edge within any minor negotiations moving forward. What I’m referring to here is TIME. More of it. Especially when it’s gifted to me last minute. I look at this opportunity like an airline passenger that has the luxury of choosing to get bumped, gifted new flights for the future, and off I go back to the airport lounge for a single malt and a New York Post sports section.

Cancellations are F%$&*!@# GREAT!!! They free up our time unexpectedly. They allow us to get caught up and re-calibrate a mindset of what we would rather be doing instead of wandering through an aimless showing, a bullshit time-wasting conference, or an office meeting earmarked to work on my doodling skills in a note pad. Cancellations are like a grab bag gift from someone that sees things you may have missed by being mired in soul-sucking routines and agendas. It’s like a nudge from the universe.

You know what I’m talking about. Its freedom. Its time to breathe. Cancellations are mind clearing and I love every one of them, even if I don’t get paid as a result. If you’re one of those Unicorns that just loves everything you do and cancellations bring you down, my heart weeps for you. You are the model for those people in the front row with their arms eagerly raised. If your measuring stick is money and a cancellation only means lost dollars to you, then you’re a prisoner. Welcome to Shawshank. You work for money, and it will likely always feel like WORK. If, however, you see the bigger picture in this scenario, re-invest this time and do with it whatever you like. Then shine on the resulting smile, wear it with pride, and share it with every person you pass on the street. They’ll look at you like your nuts, but you won’t care.  You’ll be too busy redeeming this voucher that is crediting you back the gift of repurposed time and a newfound appreciation for it that accompanies. Money is great, but time better spent is invaluable. Use it in ways that moves you…


-Buddy Kane

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I absolutely love the positive spin on being "stood up or cancelled" Thank you for writing this.

Posted by Tim Bray on Saturday, September 11th, 2021 at 6:51am

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