Black Swan Event · This Time Is Different · The New Normal is Not Normal · Time To Rethink Your Career · This Is What Happens When Change Happens · 30 Million Americans Are Unemployed in 6 Weeks · How To Do Business From Home · Why Fi ? · Our Country Is In A Leadership Vacuum · The Stock Market Is Disconnected From Reality · Become The Best At Serving Your Sphere of Influence · Just Do Something · Circumstances + Attitude = Outcome · Awaken Possibilities Again · Resist The Urge To Do Nothing · Now Is The Chance You’ve Always Wanted · Strike While The Iron Is Cold · The New Normal Is Not New Or Normal · What To Do With What Is Left · Now Your Job Is To Live Out Your Greatest Potential · Growth Is Still There, It’s Just Not In The Same Places As Before · Real Estate Is Still A Sound Investment · I No Longer Look For Return On Investment, I Want Return Of My Investment · The Ship Has a Good Rudder But No Capable Captain or Navigator · The Federal Reserve Is The True Center of Our Government · Listen to The Noise In The Economy · It’s The Bond Market, Stupid · Reinvent Yourself · Success Is A Process, Not An Event · The New Economy Is Really The Same Old One · I Must Be On, Anywhere, Anytime · You Cannot Be A Fiduciary Without Selflessly Serving · Stewardship Matters · Be A Trusted Advisor To Trusted Advisors · You Have To See Yourself As Others See You Before You Can See Yourself In A New Light · When You Come Out Of The Storm You Won’t Be The Same Person That Walked In…That’s What The Storm Is About · What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail? Do That · You Can’t Build The Business of Tomorrow On The Network Of Today · High Performers Shine Even When The Sun Doesn’t · Business Is Vigorous · Someday Starts Today · Game On · Make Your Mark · We Are In The Early Innings Of A Work-Life Re-Alignment · Know What People Want And Build It For Them · Tomorrow You Must Try Once More, and Even Harder Than Before · I Vowed To Never Say Anything That Could Not Stand As The Last Thing I’d Ever Say · Practice Instant Alignment· Quantum Leap Theory · Look Again …Always Look Again · Be Willing To Take Part In What’s Unfolding Now · How Can You Be A Center Of Influence If You Don’t Seem To Have Influence? · Do You Have A Few Moments? · The Reason For My Call Is… · Be A Fixer, Not A Finger Pointer · We’re All In Business For Ourselves · See Yourself As A Service Center or Help Desk · Change Always Brings New Responsibilities· You May Not Be Ready For what Is Next But You Have To Deal With It Anyway · When Is A Bailout Not A Bailout? · We Have A Responsibility To Help Those Less Fortunate Than We Are · To Stay In The Same Place Is The Worst Possible Strategy · Never Look Backward, Always Look Forward · Be A Visionary · Imagine The Best Possible Outcome · Covid-19 Is Another Challenge Facing America… We Must Lead, Follow, or Get Out of The Way · Progress Pauses For No One · The Old Norms Will Not Be Comfortable In This New Age · Being Connected To Everyone Can Make You Less Connected To The Most Important Ones · Failure Is The Path To All Great Achievements · A Double Blind Test Sounds Like A Stephen Wright Joke · What To Do When It’s Your Turn · Flight of The Buffalo · Why Are You Playing Second Fiddle ? · In A Crisis You’re Seldom Prepared For What Comes Next · Companies Should Serve A Greater Purpose Than Making Money For Shareholders · This Event Is The Big Disruptor Of Our Lives · Key Action Points · What’s Missing from the Picture? · You CAN Get There From Here · Your Old Approach Might Still Work · Listen and Silent Have The Exact Same Letters · Become A Resource To The People You Do Business With · Never Say Never · Its Already Tomorrow Somewhere · Start Where You Are…Use What You Have…Do What You Can · Put Yourself On View · Look At Your Life As An Exclamation, Not An Explanation · It Is An Immutable Law In Business That Words Are Words, Explanations Are Explanations, and Promises Are Promises…But Only Performance Is Reality · To Have Big Success You Must Be Willing To Take A Chance · Goals Allow You To Control The Direction Of Change In Your Favor · On Wall St. Bad News Is Good And Good News Is Bad · Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity, It Comes From An Indomitable Will · If You Cannot Fly, Then Run, If You Cannot Run, Then Walk, If You Cannot Walk, Then Crawl, But Whatever You Do, You Have To Keep Moving Forward · Always Do what You Say You Are Going To Do · Trust In Your Own Untried Capacity · Are You A Rowboat Professional or A Sailboat Professional ? · Whatever You Want In Life, Believe In Yourself Enough To Accept The Idea That You Have An Equal Right To It. · Your Time Is Limited, So Don’t Waste It Living Someone Else’s Life · It’s Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been


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