Are you planning to purchase a home in Stonington in the next 6 months?  Did you know that there are currently 35 properties on the market in Stonington between $200,000-$300,000?

What if you could have inside information on the pricing for these 35 properties ?  How helpful would it be to know which of these 35 homes are priced well below their current market value? Don’t you think having access to this kind of information would help you to make the right decision about which properties to consider buying? 

I have developed a system that can give you access to just this type of insider information and, in the process, save you thousands of dollars by showing you which properties to avoid …the ones that can’t sell because they are overpriced.

For example, based upon my analysis of the 35 houses on the market in Stonington , 12 appear to be underpriced.  5 of the 12 could be underpriced by more than 10%. 3 of those 5 properties may be underpriced by more than 25%, and one of the 3 properties appears to be underpriced by 35% or $158,436.  More importantly, 17 properties (49% of the inventory) are not worth looking at because they are grossly overpriced and can’t sell for one reason or another.

Why waste your time looking at properties that are not priced to sell? Our system will give you a competitive advantage over all the other buyers in the marketplace, because you’ll be able to concentrate your search on the properties with “hidden value” in their prices, and that alone will save you time, energy and money.

This is not something new…I have been using my system for months and have many satisfied clients who have used my system to buy houses with hidden value in them.

Here is what some of our recent clients are saying about our Home Buying Process.

 “The daunting task of searching the inventory of potential homes is scary in itself. Then comes the stress involved with knowing if the "perfect" home is reasonably priced. You find yourself asking, “I love this home, but are we about to overpay to get what we want?" The system introduced by Seaport Real Estate Group will likely help to ease this stressful situation that often faces many buyers. This system provides a tremendously efficient solution to sifting through the inventory of homes and finding those which you not only love, but that are reasonably priced. There is no longer valuable time wasted viewing properties, which have no chance of selling due to their aggressive sales price. This system is likely to help several home-buyers in the near future, just as it did us."

-Myles and Megan Horst

Amanda and I would like to thank Tim for his outstanding dedication in helping us find our home. Tim's new program made the search for a home more efficient by streamlining the search results based on our preferences as well as price. This new program, developed by Tim, helped to quickly and accurately determine how well a property was priced based on numerous factors, which saved us a great deal of time and allowed us to act promptly on well-priced properties. Being first time home buyers can be an arduous process but Tim, along with the use of his new program, has made it much easier.

- Nick and Amanda Ward

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